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Servant Sister of the Home of the Mother

The title is risky – I know, but it’s because I’m worried and I have reasons to be so.  The drift towards the New Age that a certain number of health professionals are taking is alarming and it’s necessary to talk about it.  Obviously, this does not include all of them – that’s far from the case.

Each one of the seven books in the Harry Potter series that have been published, have been accompanied on one hand, by huge editorial success and, on the other, polemics and conflicting views, even within the Catholic Church.  Indeed, the division is irreconcilable between those who view Joanne Rowling’s novels to be inoffensive and fantasy adventures of a sorcerer’s apprentice, and those who consider that serious dangers can stem from its reading.

Tuesday, 06 June 2017 08:00

A Carmelite Vocation Saved by Sr. Clare

Sr. Magdalena Guadalupe of the Most Holy Trinity is a Discalced Carmelite. She writes to us from Mexico with a very impressive testimony in which she explains how discovering Sr. Clare has transformed and healed her way of living her religious life. Although she had recently begun, she was going downhill, tied down by many things that were impeding her to give herself completely to Christ. Sr. Magdalena Guadalupe wanted to share her testimony with us and is aware that it can greatly help others who, like her, are going through a time of darkness and confusion. She wants everyone to know, “that there are people interceding for us, and, in my case, it was the dearly loved Sister Clare.”

I recently was in a get together with a group of married couples. There were several people who were attending for the first time, so we began by introducing ourselves. When my turn came up, I was asked to not only introduce myself, but was asked to tell my vocation story.

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