Monday, 10 June 2019 15:11

Some Soldiers

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Some soldiers never leave home

travel across wide seas covered with foam.

They fight a battle oblivious to most

and only glimpsed by those who are close.

Their enemies are ones unseen: loneliness, uselessness and more

working all day for others until their bodies are sore.


Some soldiers never leave home, but sacrifice night and day

continuous selfless love is their path - there is no other way.

Without their faithful presence, hearts of men may die

hardened, burdened, gone astray - following the world's lie.

If and only if they knew how much they mean

to those who are close to them 

then the battle may seem

neither easy nor pleasant 

but worth every effort spent

to see other's hearts live because you have died 

to have loved others and to have opened your hearts wide


Some soldiers do not fight others, but

with themselves they do contend

by violence they will reach heaven 

and their glorious end!


Contributed by Robert Goodson