Natural Family Planning and Your Health

When people think of the words ‘Natural Family Planning’ they may think of the Rhythm Method.  But, if you can imagine how much modern medicine has changed in the last 50 years, then imagine what we now know about a woman’s cycle and when she is fertile or infertile.  Natural Family Planning or now known as FABM’s (Fertility Awareness Based Methods) are much more than just avoiding or achieving pregnancy naturally. Some of them, including the Creighton Model FertilityCare System, also allow women to monitor and maintain their own reproductive and gynecologic health.  

3 Ways to Reclaim the Heart of Marriage

Why bother talking about God’s plan for the family since first of all, God seems to have been kicked out of it and secondly, it’s useless to try to define what the family is nowadays.  Truly, both God and family are under attack, but does that mean that we shouldn’t bother talking about either one of them? On the contrary, it’s all the more reason to talk about it. 

Help! My Spouse Is Depressed

When one of the two spouses is depressed, it is at that critical moment in which love is being tested. Not a love of feeling, which may or may not exist at the time, but a love of surrendering, self-giving, forgetting of oneself to help the person you love.  It is in this moment where one can see if the promise “to be faithful in sickness and in health… until death do us part” was sincere.

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