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Blessed Ana Maria Taigi

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As you know, this webpage was created specifically for families; as such we thought it would be appropriate to take a look at the long history of lay people and couples who have had a huge impact on our faith and our Church.

It goes without saying that there are numerous unknown saints who will remain forever anonymous, but who fill heaven thanks to the manner in which they lived ordinary lives in extraordinary ways. It is precisely this to which each of us is called: to live our daily lives, to experience every moment, as a step that can take us one rung closer to heaven. If, then, we can come to understand the lifestyles of these saintly people, we can slowly come to imitate their virtues and ultimately reach as high as they toward the heights of heaven. The people we consider here represent only a small sample of all the saints in heaven, but with a little wisdom, and inspired by the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, and the Church, we offer these people as exemplars of sanctity.

After careful thought and reflection about who would be the best person for this first installment, I chose Blessed Ana Maria Taigi. The reason she was chosen? She is the patroness of mothers and as a mother myself, I can’t think of a better person to initiate this section of the website. 

After researching some details about this extraordinary woman’s life, and after realizing how she may have developed into the saint that she was, I’ll share some details about here that stood out to me.

Blessed Ana Maria’s life was a wonder. She had a simplicity to her character that, like many of us, didn’t require a transformational conversion. She had always striven to be a good girl and young woman. She never experienced that “instantaneous conversion resulting from one specific moment,” rather her recognition of the Grace that was acting in her life and transforming her soul occurred slowly but surely.  

She did not walk her path of sanctity alone; she realized that she needed to find the support of a good priest to guide her spiritual life. I wonder how many of us Catholics today realize how crucial it is to have such a spiritual guide to whom we can open our hearts, discuss our important life decision, consult about prayer and acts of mercy, and talk to about any important aspects of our lives that could affect our spiritual well being. It is not just priests, monks and nuns who need such guidance; lay people need spiritual guides as much or more, as we are more a part of the world.

When Ana Maria was twenty, she and Domingo, a 28 year old worker, started a family. They went on to have seven children. Domingo was not the easiest character to get along with, but Ana Maria understood how to go about slowly but surely transforming his soul as well. Later Domingo wrote about her:

When I got home from work, I would find the house full of people I didn’t know who would come to talk to my wife. But as soon as she saw me, she stopped what she was doing—even if it was a gentleman or a society woman she was with—and she would take care of my needs. She prepared my food, and served me with the immense spousal love that she always showed for me. Ana Maria provided the joy in the house for both me and our children. She provided peace and a sense of home, despite the fact that there were so many of us with such different temperaments. Her daughter-in-law, for example, was quite demanding and authoritative. This caused difficulties, but Ana Maria never expressed anger or distemper. She provided guidance and suggestions when necessary, but always with the most exquisite sensibilities. Sometimes I got home from work tired, in a bad mood, and about to explode in anger, but she knew just how to treat me in such a way that within a short time she had calmed my fury. Every morning the whole family would gather together for a short prayer, and every evening we would come together again to read a spiritual book. We took all the kids to Sunday Mass, and she took great pains to be sure the kids got the best education possible.

If only all of us mothers could know how to live out our mission at home with as deep a spirituality as Ana Maria!

As you may have guessed from reading her husband’s testimony, Ana Maria, despite having only a minimal education herself—she barely learned how to read—was a counselor to people of all social classes and backgrounds. This was because she gave impressive advice to all, which was only possible thanks to an extraordinary grace she received from God. 

The story of this grace, and many other details about Ana Maria’s life, can be found at the following links:

I hope that the life of this great woman inspires you, as it did me, to make a little more effort every day to reach sanctity in our everyday lives. In all sincerity and truth, it is not the supernatural experiences and extraordinary graces that take us to holiness. On the contrary, it is our daily efforts to reach holiness that God sees as necessary, as that which takes us toward the extraordinary grace that doesn’t only help us for our own sake, but transforms us into the hands of God. Such that we bring along numerous other souls with us in our journey toward Christ.

May God Bless you all. 

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