Saturday, 09 May 2020 10:46

Today's Battlefield

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My protective instincts as a father are kicking in to do more than just shield our kids from the radical secular agendas bombarding us from every industry. It seems Goliath is getting bigger and David is getting smaller, but the battle is the Lord's, so the victory will be even GREATER!

And before I start, know that I am a sinner too. Like it says in this passage from Romans:

"For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.
And all are justified freely by His grace
through the redemption in Christ Jesus" (Romans 3:23-24).

Here’s PROOF!

Did you know in the popular PBS children's show AUTHUR, the 3rd grade male teacher gets married to another man? This show is watched by ages 2-10.

Did you know that PBS has a kid's song “YOU, ME & COMMUNITY” that airs in-between shows like Authur that is promoting gay marriage? It's an upbeat song talking about different types of families: Kids raised by only mom, parents or grandparents; kids raised by an aunt and uncle, and then you get to the following lyrics:

♪ I've got two awesome daddies

♪ and a brother who's just three

♪ I love them, they love me

♪ Now come and see my family

♪ Come and see , ♪ Come and see, ♪ Come and see my family

When I heard it, I immediately tried to give them the benefit of the doubt by assuming they are talking about divorced parents who remarried- so now he has a dad and a step dad. But the song continues and leaves no doubt that the '2 daddies' verse is describing a gay couple.

Just imagine: the kids are watching PBS, the above song comes on during the commercial break, and as you (and the kids) are 'boppin to the music', halfway through the song they inject you with their redefining of marriage or some other agenda. It happens so fast you may not have even noticed. And if you did, you may not know what to do about it.

And if you live in Jacksonville, FL it's not uncommon to see the following billboard around town:

gay billboard en JAX name maxresdefault

Not only is this hyper focus on sexuality so problematic for our culture AND SOUL, but this group is targeting their message to prepubescent children!

Even Disney is in on it. The Disney Channel series Andi Mack has made history by depicting the network's first teenage gay couple. This show too is watched by kids 6-14. Millions of kids!

These groups are taking little steps, and they are celebrating these little victories. They know they are winning because people don't stop watching. They are targeting the youth and they are happy to make baby steps of progress for their radical view. They are turning hearts to stone. What are you going to do about it?

This well funded agenda is undermining our Judeo/Christian culture.

I'm begging you. Let's wake up the church!

Our strategy is effective. We fight the same way we do in our spiritual life. We have to crowd out what is evil with what is true, good, and beautiful.

We have to create holy alternatives to the loud decadent minority. Yes, they have tons of money and infrastructure, but they built it by pretending to be good and worthy of your trust. They wait till their shows are popular with a huge audience and then they slap you across the face with their agenda at the end of the season. They wait till you are dancing to the beat of a very catchy song and then they side swipe you through a lyrical agenda.

I hope I am being clear. You've felt the need to filter what your family watches for a long time now. I'm telling you it's worse than you imagined. 

One FINAL PROOF..... Actually, I already mentioned it. Did you see it?

Go back and look at the title of the Disney Show Andi Mack. It's not just a person's name. "Mack" is a slang term for pimp and worse. Now look at "Andi" -  ANDi - Graphically they are making it 2 words. "And, I". Now it reads as a sentence - "And I mack". I've been in the entertainment business since I was 15. This title is not coincidental.

If I'm wrong then you can call me a cruel devil, or Cruella de Vil, for short, and I'll move out to the country with 101 dalmatians.

We must fight back!