Friday, 30 November 2001 00:00

Changing Tracks

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This week January Donovan gets on our train. She is Filipino, although currently living in the United States, and is a wife and mother of five children.

She grew up in the Philippines in a very happy and traditionally Catholic environment. When she moved to the U.S. during her adolescence, she began to fall away from the Faith. The "American dream" of wanting to have everything, led her down a tortuous path. God was not in her plans during high school. She went to parties, began to go out with a guy when she was very young, and was pregnant at the age of sixteen. Finding no support from those around her, she followed her high school counselor's advice and decided to have an abortion.

In this program, January tells us how she had her personal encounter with the Lord, which transformed her entire life.

January now has her own wepbage and Youtube channel where she tries to help woman learn the Art of Being a Woman: