Too Catholic

When I first met my husband, he seemed to me to be – too Catholic. I was disengaged from religion for the past ten years and had the more or less accepted theory that God was a placebo for believers. I thought that my husband was from another world - not ours, that's for sure, because he would think things that nobody else I knew thought. Either that or he was from the last century. Old-fashioned, I thought ... someone who liked to exaggerate; sometimes he seemed weird, strange, and incomprehensible.

The Heroic Minute… and how it can change your life

The first time I ever went on a silent retreat, I shared a room with another woman, whom I had never met.

As soon as the alarm went off the first morning, groaning and reaching for the snooze button, I looked over across the room at my roommate. Groggy as I was, what I saw had quite an impression on me. Immediately when the alarm went off, she rose from her bed, knelt, kissed the floor, and said a prayer. Then she set about quietly getting ready. She did the same the next morning.

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