Motherhood in the Words of Fulton Sheen

Human motherhood is twofold in its essence, and is a more complex thing than motherhood among the animals. There is, first, the physical act of giving birth, which women share with all of nature. As the tree bears fruit and the hen hatches her eggs, so every mother, by the act of birth, is bound up with the life of all living things, and of her it may be rightly said, “Blessed is the fruit of thy womb.''   

The Gift of a Child with Down Syndrome

Each of our children is precious, and each is an extraordinary gift from God, but there is something very humbling about having a child like our Helen - something that can only be described as a gift. Since October is Down Syndrome Awareness month, and since our daughter will be turning 13 on November 1, All Saints Day, I would like to share a little about this young lady with whom God has allowed us to share our life.

The Best Advice

My niece recently texted me asking for a favorite quote that she could write out for me. She loves 'lettering' and wanted to share her talents. Over the intervening days I have thought of many favorite quotes which to me, tell the 'best advice' to pass along to others. 

Is it Worth Having a Big Family?

When I was recently married and saw mothers with four or more young children in the street, I thought that they were a little crazy or that they were irresponsible. I thought about how tiring it was to take care of my two nephews and I imagined the same thing only many times more...

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Teaching Self-Control to Young Children - Part 5: Sitting Still

Helping your young children to gain self-control by teaching them to sit still is something that can be easily practiced at home on a daily basis. Expecting your child to sit through a Sunday Mass or wait an hour at the dentist office is unreasonable if not taught and practiced at home. So where do we begin to teach this important skill?

Teaching Self-Control to Young Children - Part 4: Eating

In this series, Teaching Self-Control in Young Children, we have explored how to teach the important virtue of self-control in Boundaries, Sleeping, and Speech. In this Part 4, we will look to find ways to teach self control in how our children eat. Despite the hilarious scene in the movie, “A Christmas Story”, where the little boy is encouraged to “eat like a piggy”, most parents would prefer their children to eat in a more civilized way. However, many parents struggle with how to achieve this. As with all training of children, begin very early. Why retrain once a behavior has gotten out of control, when you can train properly from the very beginning? 

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