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Lenten Meals

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Now that we are in the liturgical season of Lent take a look at this post to help you with your Lenten meal preparation.

On Fridays of Lent (or any day) use the leftover produce you have from the week, cooked or uncooked, to make a Lenten soup.

Lenten Soup

● Sauté onions and garlic in oil/ fat of choice and cook until onions are translucent

● Add other veggies if they are uncooked (add later if cooked)

● Keep sautéing until everything is slightly cooked then add your broth and spices. (I use whatever I have on hand; you could even just use water instead of broth, but you might want to add more spices and more oil/ fat in that case.)

● Optional - you can also add cooked beans and/or rice to the soup at the end to make it more substantial

Homemade Pizza

Use any leftovers from the previous day on top of pizza

● Roll out pizza crust onto pizza stone (store bought or homemade pizza crust)

● Spread pizza sauce (A cheater version I do is just spread plain tomato sauce and sprinkle some pizza spices like garlic granules, basil, oregano, fennel, and red pepper over it)

● Top with cheese and all the leftovers chopped up and placed on top the cheese

● Cook in a hot oven at 450- 500 degrees until your desired doneness 


Christy GoodsonChristy Goodson is a wife and mother from Jacksonville, Florida. She has been married to her husband Robert for 8 blessed years. Christy and Robert are both lay members of the Home of the Mother. She has four young children and is so grateful to be able to both stay home with them and homeschool them. Christy graduated from Ave Maria University with a BA in Theology.