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Yes, it is possible! Purity

Written by HM Magazine

Yes, it is possible!

I have been prompted to write to you by the concern I feel for children and young people. I want especially to address you children, adolescents, youths, but also you parents and educators.

It makes me feel really sad to see how they seek to dirty you, how they try to “educate” you with criteria contrary to the Faith and to the dignity of man: chastity is not in fashion and virginity or celibacy is an illness that has to be attacked as soon as possible. Love has been completely distorted and they present it to us as just another animal movement, pleasurable but empty. Such poverty!

The fact that virginity is a virtue beloved by God is shown to us in the event of the virginal conception of Mary. God performed a miracle not only in the conception but also in the birth.

We are all called to live in chastity, each one in his own situation. But especially you young people, mind your purity!

So that your soul will be pure, transparent, innocent. It is better to be seen to be a fool in the eyes of the world than to immerse yourself in that quicksand that brings you to death.

I was once a child and then adolescent.And I know that when one is small one laughs at all these advices that older people give you. Later, when you grow a little, you find out how right they were, and sometimes it is too late, and the damage is done. That is why I would like to tell you my experience.

I was a normal, ordinary little girl, well-behaved and a little innocent.  Between eight and nine years of age my street friends began to dirty my soul: dirty jokes (which I often didn’t understand), about how children are made, about love-making...all in a gross and vulgar tone. The result of infantile curiosity badly satisfied, which then takes pleasure in communicating its corruption to others. Destroying what love truly is, and dirtying the beauty and greatness of the true union between man and woman.

Of course, at that age the sexual instinct is not yet physically developed, but the desire to be bigger, to do what the others do, to imitate what you see on television, to practise what is forbidden... all of this contributes to the psychological development of the carnal desire in us. Without noticing and almost without even wanting it, all of this was making its impression in my soul. The period of development came and without realizing it, I discovered sexual pleasure. When, through studying religion, I found out that what I was doing was masturbation, it was already too late.  I already had the bad habit and I didn’t know how to free myself of it. I was trapped. And even though I fought against it at times, I only succeeded in burying myself in it more and more.I gave up hope and surrendered myself fully to passion.

Only God knows what aberrations and grossnesses a child is capable of desiring in his interior. Only God knows the damage that is done by all those images, conversations, readings and fantasies in the impressionable soul of a child. The Lord says (Mt 5, 25-29) that if a man looks at a woman lustfully he has already committed adultery with her in his heart.This teaching is hard but certain. I have experienced it in myself.

Please, parents and educators, take care of the souls of your children and young people. Mold them with your example, that they may see in you a clean, chaste, modest deportment. Be attentive to the programs, reading, musical idols and friends that accompany them. Rather than prohibit, which is usually more of an incentive than an impediment, talk with them, explaining things to them at their level with simplicity. Give them coherent reasons (natural and supernatural) as to why they shouldn’t do this or that. Talk to them about God and the Virgin, about love for Them and the desire not to offend Them, their greatest protectors. And above all, pray and do sacrifices for them (Mt. 21, 22) so that the Lord may protect them and guard them from evil and keep their souls clean and pure. Let their models be the saints and Our Mother. See to it that there is enthusiasm in their lives, procure good reading material for them, good films, music, friends, priests, and religious in whom they can trust and seek advice and through whose help they can get nearer to the Heart of Christ.

Stimulate them to work, to study. Idleness is the best friend of impurity. Help them learn to be generous, to concern themselves with the needs of others, and animate them to fulfill themselves in the measure of their potential and possibilities.

Christ is our best Friend and the only one who can give us true happiness.  How many times for just a few seconds of bitter pleasure I have lost the One, the only One for whom it is worth it to give all the time in the world! Young people, keep intact the flower of your innocence, that it may not perish before its time! So that when the right time comes, the time desired by God, you may open yourself to life like a beautiful rose in clean and loving surrender to your spouse, or offer yourself fresh and covered in dew to the Creator of all things as an oblation of thanksgiving.

Thanks be to God, at fifteen years of age, the Lord came in search of me and I let myself be captured by his love. The purification has been slow, because the psychological need that is created by vice is greater even than the physical. There have been falls, but the Lord is always there to lift me up again and to embrace me anew. Now when the devil tempts me, when the flesh cries out to me, or the world incites me, I trust in the One who has given his life to save me, and I offer those hard, sad moments of temptation or recollection of my past life, for all of you children and young people who are trapped in the nets of impurity, so that the Lord may grant you the grace to emerge victorious with Him.

Courage! Do not permit the enemy to discourage or disarm you. I tell you that you can win, on your own no, but with Christ yes. “Be courageous, I have conquered the world” (Jn. 16, 33).  Yes, it is possible to live in chastity. Lean on Mary and do not fear. In your misery the Lord loves you with madness, and scorns not to look upon you as his child. Love him with all your heart, and for Him love all others, because the exercise of charity covers a multitude of sins. Heaven is full of great sinners who repented. Saint Mary Magdalene is now among the “virgins” who accompany the Lamb. You too can be there.

©HM Magazine No.123 - March/April 2005

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