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To My Mother

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On Good Friday, March 30, 2018, my mother passed away and on Holy Saturday, we buried her. They were days of painful and yet very intense graces. We experienced the closeness of the Lord and Our Lady, as well as of my mother. I truly feel that she is alive and very close to Them. I think my siblings and father experienced the same thing. At given moments, it seemed like we were at a festive celebration rather than a funeral and burial. We said good-bye to my mother between hymns to the Lord and Our Lady about Heaven. It was beautiful!


On the day of the burial, my siblings read a message of thanksgiving. I also want to put in my part. I would like add to my message a special thank you to my father. He reminds me of St. Joseph: a hard-working and honorable man, who deeply loves God, and loved his wife until the end of her days, loves his children. Like St. Joseph he is discreet, strong, joyful, and yet has always gone a little bit unnoticed.

Although I have always had a closer relationship with my mother, my father always seemed to know about what I spoke of with her and was always in agreement with her. He and my mother never reproved me or put up obstacles for me to follow my vocation.

Dolores Megía Sáez

Thank you, mother, thank you. We give thanks to God for having given us a mother like you. You have been an example of dedication, tenderness, sacrifice, maternal love, communion in marriage, and a life of Faith trusting in the action of God in our lives. You have been a reflection of the Love of God, the Love you have always wanted to transmit to us.

As a girl and teenager, you loved to draw. When you got married, you said that you would not have time to draw, but that you wanted to draw the face of God in your children. That is what you have tried to do. You and Dad have both tried to do this during your entire lives.

“My children are not only mine,” you often said to us. “You belong to God. I had you for God.” That is what you have taught us: that we were born to live eternally with God in Heaven. That is why your death, even though it saddens us because we are not going to see you with our bodily eyes, also fills us with peace and joy, because you are going to be happy contemplating God. From there, you will continue to help us, preparing the way so that we can go there with you.

When we were little, you always took care of the small and great details: from leaving six, seven, or eight pairs of clean shoes prepared for school the next day, to asking us, “Did you say your prayers?” “How long has it been since your last confession?” The most important thing was our relationship with God. That is why, on occasion, you said to us like St. Dominic Savio, “Death before sin.” “Remember that God can call you at any moment and you should be prepared.”

Your attitude reminds us of the mother of the Maccabees in the Bible (2 Mac 7), a heroic mother who exhorted her seven children to be faithful to God in the face of the threats of King Antiochus, who was going to kill them if they did not deny their faith. Their mother said to them, “Remain faithful. I want receive you again in eternal life.”

Your fidelity to the Word of God and to the Church has made you fruitful and able to accept your nine children joyfully, with another in Heaven. Your family has grown with the arrival of thirty-six grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren, a family that will certainly continue to grow. You did not recognize the last ones because your head started to fail you.

Lately, you told us you did not know what you were doing here. You already wanted to go to Heaven, because here you were not good for anything, and could not do anything. However, this last period, when your health began to fail you, is when you bore the most fruit. In the moments of apparent uselessness, united to God, like Christ fixed on the Cross, apparently unable to do anything, is when you have born most fruit.

During your last years, you stirred up in us desires to come help you and Dad, imitating you who gave yourself to help us! We came to cook, take a walk with you, bathe you, and encourage you in moments of discouragement. It was a gift for us to be able to come and give back some of the love you gave us your whole life. It has been for us, as we said before, a pure testimony of the Love of God.

Now that you are gone, we ask you to continue to help us from Heaven. Again we say to you, “THANK YOU.” “UNTIL HEAVEN, MOTHER!”

-Your children

An Exemplary Mother

Mom, I also want to thank you for having been an exemplary and exceptional mother. I learned to say, “Blessed be God!” from you in the face of contradiction, difficulties, hard moments and joyful moments as well, because it is what you so often said.

You always understood my desire to give myself and to give everything totally to the Lord. And everything is EVERYTHING. You encouraged me to do so with your words and with your life, and you defended my vocation when others did not completely understand it.

When I told you about my desire to become a Sister, you spoke to me with sincerity and with tears in your eyes. You told me that when you were young, you wanted to be a religious missionary, but you spoke about it with your spiritual director and could not find the way. Dad fell in love with you and pursued you, and so your director encouraged you to begin your relationship. In the end, you got married. However, you asked the Lord to give you a religious daughter, since He did not give you a religious vocation.

You never repented of marrying Dad and having the children God gave you. You gave thanks to the Lord for giving you the vocation to marriage and family.

I think you saw in me what you had experienced in your youth: “The one who does not leave father, mother, brothers and sisters, and houses for Me…” You understood the suffering that this implies for a son or daughter. You never wanted to be an obstacle for me to follow my vocation. You knew you would increase my suffering if you had attempted to keep me for yourself.

God asked you for the sacrifice letting me offer my life to Him. God asked me for the sacrifice of offering Him my parents, brothers, and sisters…to be worthy of Him.

Thank you for never denying that you experienced suffering because of the separation, like each parent experiences when a son or daughter leaves their parents’ home. Despite that suffering, you always encouraged me to continue forward, to be faithful to the Lord and begin my life with “my family,” the one that He wanted for me. I had to learn to renounce our physical family ties, just as you did, for a greater Love. Our new spiritual relationship as a family united us in a stronger way.

You never wanted to “recover” me, nor did you reprimand me for not going to see you or spend time with you, even when you knew that I was travelling near our village.

Whenever you saw us or spoke to us, when we left you said to me, “Don’t worry about us. We’re fine. You keep it up and do what you have to do. Do whatever God asks of you. He takes care of us just like He takes care of you. We are united in the Eucharist and if we don’t see each other again on this earth, we will see each other again in Heaven.”

God does not let Himself be outdone in generosity. That is why I see it as a sign of affection, a “wink” of the Lord, that I was in prayer before the Lord Himself in Eucharistic Adoration the very day and hour that He came looking for you to take you to the house of the Father. We were united in Him. That was our good-bye; we said good-bye in Him… and I am sure that Our Lady of Sorrows took you with her to Heaven.

Now, the only thing left is: We will see you in Heaven! Intercede for all of us, dad, your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, so that it may be so. Amen.

Sr. Conchi

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