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Quinoa Pancakes with Chocolate Ganache

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I was born and raised in Slovakia where food was never wasted. It must be because of the difficult time Slovakia went through when it was recovering after Communism. Slovakia was beaten and poor for so long that it was unthinkable to waste the smallest crumb. It is still quite shocking for me, living in USA for more than 13 years, to see how much food is being wasted.

Not only am I asking for forgiveness for this random recipe, but also challenging you to look into your fridge and be creative with the food that might go bad in a day or two. This recipe was created in a similar situation, combining ingredients that you normally wouldn't put together, but surprisingly, praise be to God, it turned out so delicious! I love to be creative with my food so please adjust it to what you already have available. I used pineapple chunks, but feel free to use apples or raisins with cinnamon. I used kefir, but feel free to use milk or buttermilk. At the very end I used chocolate ganache (from the birthday cake I made the other day), but feel free to use maple syrup.

Don't be afraid! Be creative!


1 cup of cooked quinoa

1/2 cup of flax meal

1/2 cup of flour

1/2 cup kefir

1 egg

pineapple chunks

1 tbsp melted butter

sprinkle of Stevia (optional)

Chocolate ganache:

4 oz of semi-sweet chocolate chips

1/4 cup heavy whipped cream

Mix all ingredients together until you have a nice and pancake-like batter. If it's too runny, add some more flour or flax. If it's not runny enough, add more milk or kefir. Pour batter on a heated pan with some oil (I used coconut oil but any oil will do), and flip until it looks done. 

Microwave chocolate chips until they are slightly melted, and add some whipped cream until you have a nice creamy texture. Pour some ganache or maple syrup over your pancakes. Enjoy!

Maria Dittus FFAMaria is a downtown girl from Slovakia who by God's grace ended up studying and graduating from Ave Maria University where she fell in love with the Home of the Mother and her husband Rich.

Together they have 4 awesome kids and a little farm in their back yard in sunny Florida. Maria enjoys creativity that comes from homeschooling her children, simplicity in trusting God's perfect plan and solitude that doesn't yet exist in her household.