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Lumen Film Camp

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When I was 14, my uncle said, "Brian, you need to get an agent." That simple comment gave me the direction I was looking for, but to shy to ask for. I've learned quite a bit since then and I'd like to share it with you. As a matter of fact I have many industry pro friends that will stop by camp to share their talents with you too.  It's going to be a blast. I hope you can make it. - pax, Brian

 Enjoy three weeks of Film Camp!

Week One is all about the ins and outs of pre-production. During pre-production days, we’ll hear talks about successful screenwriting. Our script will even receive treatment from a bona fide script-doctor!  $300.00

Week Two is all about the ins and out of production. During the production phase, students will receive coaching in acting, camera work, lighting, directing, and much more! Students in Lumen’s film camp will receive hands-on experience in all aspects of the production process, especially those in which they are most interested. Our camps are limited to a size of ten students each week, so no one will be lost in the shuffle of the set. All will receive personal instruction and interaction with our team, growing in respect for the production process as a whole.  $600.00

Week Three is known as post-production. In post-production, students will return to the studio to learn about editing, sound design, and special effects. Again, we will have industry pros on hand to give lectures on these subjects and to give advice and assistance on the production. At the end of camp, when the final clips have been edited, the remaining sound effects have been recorded, and the last snacks in the studio have been eaten, there will be a finished product ready to be shown to family and friends of the film camp students in a local theater!  $450.00

All three weeks:  $1200

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