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Expectant Joy

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Expectant Joy is a prayer resource for couples and families to journey through pregnancy together. The prayer is divided into trimesters and focuses on a different person of the Holy Trinity allowing the family to prepare their hearts and souls for the arrival of the newest little one on the way.

Pregnancy is a time of many ups and downs, joys and struggles, and Expectant Joy is a way to entrust each moment to God’s provident embrace. These beautifully chosen passages and prayers allow for a spiritual encounter that creates lasting memories from the moment the pregnancy test comes back positive until the family holds this precious child in their arms.

Title: Expectant Joy: A Prayer of the Domestic Church Celebrating the Gift of Life

Author: Michael and Evie Day

Publisher: Stabat Mater Ministries, LLC

You can buy it here.

EvieDayEvie Day is a homeschooling mom from Orange Park, Florida. She has two children ages 8 and 10. She has been married to her husband Mike Day for 12 years. Evie graduated with a BFA in Acting from Florida State University. She has been a homeschooler for 6 years and dabbles in acting coaching, drama classes for homeschoolers, and acting on stage. Evie volunteers at Lumen Entertainment´s Film Camp and is currently working with both Lumen Entertainment and the Catholic Writers Guild of Jacksonville, Florida. She has co-written a book with her husband, Expectant Joy, which is a prayer resource for couples who wish to pray through each trimester of their pregnancy. Evie enjoys living the Liturgical Year with her family, playing geeky games, running, doing Shakespeare monologues in the bathroom and dancing in her living room.