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God or Nothing

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It is a common principle in Catholicism that God raises up the humble and lowly by His grace, as our own Blessed Mother proclaimed in her Magnificat (Luke 1:46).  We have many examples of our saints who started from very poor and insignificant places, and because of their love of God and their openness to His will, they are now acclaimed as great saints known all over the world.

So it is with Cardinal Robert Sarah, he begins this honest and thought- provoking book by telling the story of his life, growing up in a small, remote village in Guinea. Cardinal Robert found himself eventually as a priestly prince of the Church, as one of the highest members of the Roman curia. 

God or Nothing, which is written in an interview format with Nicholas Diat, and published by Ignatius Press, is a deeply spiritual and personal account of this fascinating man.  Oftentimes a controversial figure in the Church because of his faithful adherence to the solemnity of the liturgy and traditional doctrines of marriage and family, Cardinal Sarah answers questions about a wide variety of topics, from his memories of the Second Vatican Council and its effect on the world, to the influence of Western materialism on his own native Africa. He writes about the existence of the devil, the role of science and its relationship with Faith, how to have a deep and meaningful prayer life, the sexual scandals that erupted within the Church early this century, the future of the priesthood, and many philosophical and theological questions relevant to the challenges we face in our culture today. 

This is a deeply spiritual book, and there are many passages worth quoting. But at the heart of Cardinal Sarah’s astounding intellectual and theological complexity, there is a simplicity that he sums up in the first chapter.  Everything, he says, pivots on the cross of Christ and its significance for the human race. 

“There is only one steadfast point in this world to guarantee man’s balance and steadiness.  Everything else is moving, changing, ephemeral, and uncertain: “Stat Crux, dum volvitur orbis” (Only the Cross stands, and the world revolves around it). Calvary is the highest point in the world, from which we can see everything with new eyes, the eyes of faith, love and martyrdom: the eyes of Christ.”  It is here that we can find the answers to all of our questions.

Title: God or Nothing, A Conversation on Faith with Nicholas Diat

Author: Cardinal Robert Sarah, Nicholas Diat

Editor: Ignatius Press

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