Children & Chores, Part 2: Getting Organized

In Children & Chores, Part 1: Laying the Foundation, we explored the many benefits of teaching our children to work, the importance of starting when they are young, and ways to minimize the chores in our home.

Let’s now take a look at some simple methods to help get started with teaching our children orderliness and diligence through daily chores.

Children & Chores, Part 1: Laying the Foundation


1. Why should my children do chores?

Let me count the ways! More importantly than just helping around the house, chores teach responsibility, stewardship, diligence, obedience, order, and self-discipline. These virtues will also carry over into their schoolwork, music lessons, athletics, or any other endeavor they take on. Family life provides the perfect opportunity to instill these virtues by teaching our children to work.

How to Evangelize

Many years ago, when I had recently moved to Jacksonville, Florida, I was feeling very lonely, I was depressed and I was searching for something to fill my empty heart. I would pray everyday for God to help me find my way in this new city. I missed my very dysfunctional family and all the distraction that a big city brings. I was sad that my son would not be able to experience growing up around cousins, uncles and all the other craziness going on around us. Moving to Jacksonville from Miami would mean that we would leave family, friends, the beautiful beach, the Sundays at the park full of people, and everything else I that I thought was important. This was definitely not what I wanted. We moved to a very quiet neighborhood where most people didn’t speak Spanish like us and the days seemed so long and boring.

Among the Pots and Pans


Several months ago I started having issues with my dishwasher.  I live in a humid climate, and I suppose the humidity was the culprit.  I started to find little spots of mold inside the dishwasher.  I would clean the spots, run dishwasher cleaner, let it air out, but the spots would return.  The mold started to show up in many tiny and hard to reach spots. So I decided to start handwashing the dishes until I could find the time on a weekend to take apart the pieces and give it a complete steam cleaning barring my husband finding the right tools for the job. 

Summer Faith Building Ideas

Summer time is just around the corner!  The days are getting longer, children are coming to the end of their school year, and warmer days are on the way.  Many parishes also bring their catechism classes to a conclusion in the month of May, often with the celebrations of the sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation.  That being said, the catechist led lessons and homework are soon coming to a close.  To add to that, the kick-back and relax attitudes that come with summer are on their way as well.  They don’t call them the “dog days of summer” for nothing! 

Confessions of a (Former ) Disney Mom: My Journey Towards Recognizing that the “Kingdom” has Lost its Magic

About a year ago, Sr. Megan handed me a book that would change me so fundamentally that I began questioning pretty much every aspect of my life.  The book, The Fire Within by Fr. Thomas Dubay S.M., was being discussed at our Sunday formation meetings. 

Cutting the Cord for Christ

So, there I was, doing what my conscience told me not to do! I knew hanging the television in our newly renovated home was a mistake. There's just too much media content that is not good for me and certainly not good for my children. I had heard once that 80% of all media moguls are atheists and this is easy to believe; just watch recently released movies and situational comedies and the godlessness in the media is very apparent. But there I was, trying to install the television; bad habits are hard to change.

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