“Elevate Social Media”

Fr. Mike Schmitz talks about the temptations, the negative side effects of social media. He also asks hard questions that cause many to think, “Why am I posting this?”, “What am I running away/hiding from?” Fr Mike then challenges teens to use technology and mass media to make Catholic impacts online. Would you be ready to lose friends, change your lifestyle, and receive hate mail when you post Catholic content online? The internet is a great tool and aid, but we have to use it, and not let ourselves be used by it.


Each one of the seven books in the Harry Potter series that have been published, have been accompanied on one hand, by huge editorial success and, on the other, polemics and conflicting views, even within the Catholic Church.  Indeed, the division is irreconcilable between those who view Joanne Rowling’s novels to be inoffensive and fantasy adventures of a sorcerer’s apprentice, and those who consider that serious dangers can stem from its reading.

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