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Highlights- What is Marriage? - A public policy approach

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In an academic conference environment and without touching on Morality, Theology and Tradition, Ryan T. Anderson provides for us a definition of what marriage is from a philosophical and social science approach to appeal to a public policy purpose of marriage. He then explores the role of the state and marriage. What is the state’s interest in marriage? How should the state define marriage? A very well explained lecture on defining marriage, without drawing upon theological arguments.  

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Stephanie Chia

Stephanie Chia is from Singapore. She received a Bachelors' degree in Sociology and has worked as a research assistant refining pedagogy for teacher education. 

She met the Home of the Mother during the first retreat in Singapore conducted by the Servant Sisters in December 2015. 

Stephanie loves mountains and nature. She loves baking and chocolate! But is still trying to be fond of olives. In her spare time, she writes for the Home of the Mother about whatever inspires her and hopes that it would inspire you too.