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Elections, Anger, and Peace

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Recently, the United States held its Presidential Election, and in my observations since then, everywhere I look I see both happy and frustrated faces.  Sadly, it seems that there are more faces of non-conformity, and I have a hunch as to why this may be. 

I have seen much fear and trepidation from the people who voted for President-elect Donald Trump.  However, it is those who voted for Hillary Clinton whose true characteristics have been seen around the world: selfishness, envy, pride and vanity.  Hillary’s voters have been on social networks insulting anyone who did not vote for her or who do not think the same as themselves. Why? 

Hillary Clinton’s followers have been insulting and even vulgar.  They call others brutes, idiots, incompetents, donkeys, etc.  They take to the streets, destroying other people’s property.  While in the past, these same followers have called for “tolerance”, they are not practicing what they, supposedly, preach.

Likewise, in Colombia, voters had a chance to vote on an incredibly important referendum.  It was characterized as a “peace agreement” between Colombia and FAR, who have experienced decades of war.  The “yes” vote would accept this “peace” agreement while the “no” vote was against the agreement and its philosophy and ideals.

But why would Colombians vote “no” on this supposed “peace” agreement?  Because, among many other things involving layers of corruption, the “peace” agreement would legalize everything concerning the LGBT community, and if enacted, anyone who may oppose the new laws concerning the LGBT community would have legal and economic ramifications.  In addition, it was also a law that could not be removed once signed, as it would be signed without any option to nullify or rectify.

Voting “no” also prevented the FARC, the largest guerrilla army in South America, from over-reaching and taking any part in control of the Colombian government: Colombia did NOT want to become a new Venezuela.  Thank God, Colombians voted “no” and won!

Similarly to what is happening in the United States post-Trump victory, the people in Colombia who voted “yes” for the “peace agreement” went crazy and started to insult and attack those who did not vote along with them.  Even after more than a month, people are still fighting and insulting each other.  

This makes me wonder.  Why have the conceding sides in both Colombia and the United States become so violent?  Perhaps, could it be that the “yes” vote in Colombia and the ideals behind Hillary Clinton becoming President…perhaps these are not things of God but of the devil?  

I say this because I once heard Marino Restreppo, a Catholic preacher, saying that a person who walks in mortal sin is like a dog carrying a poisoned rat in its snout. You who are his master, knowing that the rat is poisoned, know that if the dog eats it, the rat will kill the dog; so you try to take the poisoned animal from his snout, but when you try to take the poisoned rat, the dog becomes very angry--it attacks you and is capable of even killing you. Well, I see that. The rat was taken away from these people. I mean they took the YES and Hillary out of their hands.  Watch! I do not want to say that Hillary is a poisoned rat. These people have become very aggressive and angry.  Look at the fruits they have produced in the name of “peace” and “tolerance”.

On the day before the elections, my children’s school held a mock “election”; the kids elected Hillary Clinton as president. On November 9th, after the national election, my daughter told me that the children in her classroom were hysterical because Trump had won. Some of the children were crying and others were fighting. When a child began to sing and to repeat "Trump for president!" they shut him up by force and the whole atmosphere was very tense.  What have we done to our children?  Children have also been contaminated with the “rat poison”, and all of this is the fault of us as parents.

May God grant that all people return to sanity, and instead of fighting, may we all work together for peace and the construction of a better future, a better society, and thus be able to build a beautiful world for future generations. May God allow that the new President-Elect, Donald Trump, be able to carry out commands under God’s will.  In this way all the men and women of this country can set aside the grudges, the hatred, the vanity, the pride, and the hunger for power.  May all people be dedicated more to show love for others, to show the desire to serve others, and to spread love, peace and happiness.

Let us not let Satan win and divide us. Let us offer our whole lives to God, and may the Blessed Virgin protects us so that we may live in unity just as God wants us to live.

May God bless all of us. God bless America.

¡Laudetur Jesus Christus!

GlennFFAGlenn Fong is from Cali, Colombia but is currently living in Florida. He has been married to Sandra since 2001 and counting...(yes, it is possible! Marriage is supposed to be forever!), and they have been blessed with two children. Glenn studied Systems Engineering at San Buenaventura University in Cali, Colombia and now works for a multinational company as an Analyst-Developer. He is not a writer, but his passion for Christ and His Church propel him to write about many different topics. Glenn is author and editor of the Blog "It´s for Real".

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