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I am Not a Writer

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Hello everyone.
My name is Glenn Fong.  However, my name may confuse my readers, as I am actually from Cali, Colombia.  My last name is Fong because my grandfather was from China, and my first name is Glenn because my parents’ favorite actor at the moment I was born was a guy called Glenn Ford. (Do you see it? Ford … Fong … it is almost the same).

I am married to Sandra--the best, greatest, and most beautiful gift from God. We have been married for 15 years and have been blessed with two beautiful children: Amy and Jacob, who are the best kids in the world. I grew up in a Catholic family, being the second of three children. 

I studied systems engineering at Universidad de San Buenaventura in Cali, Colombia, and I have a career as an Analyst-Developer for Desktop and Web Applications.  When I went to Spain in the year 2000 for, what I thought was a vacation, God showed me that He had a different plan.  On that trip, I met two great people who offered me a job as a web developer in Spain; I quit my job in Colombia and started working in Spain.  For six years we lived in Madrid, and then we moved to the United States, where I am working for a multinational company as an analyst-developer.

Living in the U.S.A. I had my real conversion to Catholicism.  After a time of prosperity, God allowed me to realize that everything I had--a family, a house, a car, a good salary, etc.--came to me because of His generosity and infinite Love. Since that day, I felt in my heart a desire to know more about the Love of God and the Church.  

Because God has a sense of humor, He made it possible for me to find my way to the Church through our beloved Pope Benedict XVI.  I say that God certainly has a sense of humor because, at that time when I started my journey with the Lord, I did not have a positive perception of Pope Benedict XVI; my mind still had the indelible memory of Pope John Paul II.  However, the Lord in His infinite mercy showed me that my path toward Truth started with the sapience of Benedict XVI, our beloved Pope Emeritus. 

After that, our life of faith has been growing every day, and it is surely reflected in our family. The relationship between my wife and I has been strengthened, our children are really happy, and thanks be to God and the maternal love of our Holy Mother, all of us, together, are growing in faith and love.  Now we try to do a yearly pilgrimage to a holy site somewhere in the world.

I am not a writer, but my passion for Christ and His Church implores me to write daily the things that are stirring in my heart. I do not have a special focus to write about; it happens spontaneously.  I am inspired to write because of something I see or hear.  It may concern the Church and Her doctrine or apologetics.  However, I sometimes feel led to comment on the current events of the world.  I just let my hand write what my heart says.

For some reason, God is giving me an opportunity to write, and so I ask you all for your prayers so that what I write may always be God’s will and not Glenn's will. May the good Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary touch the hearts and souls of whoever will read these posts, and may He guide our lives and our steps.

GlennFFAGlenn Fong is from Cali, Colombia but is currently living in Florida. He has been married to Sandra since 2001 and counting...(yes, it is possible! Marriage is supposed to be forever!), and they have been blessed with two children. Glenn studied Systems Engineering at San Buenaventura University in Cali, Colombia and now works for a multinational company as an Analyst-Developer. He is not a writer, but his passion for Christ and His Church propel him to write about many different topics. Glenn is author and editor of the Blog "It´s for Real".

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