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The Family: The Weapon Against the Monster of the New Education

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In the last three decades the education in schools has had a very significant change, especially in the last five years where changes have been carried out in a manner almost fleeting. One could say that this new approach to education has been made for the good of the students, but unfortunately we can clearly see in the behavior of our young people and children that the new education is not working.

This brings me to remember my life when I was a child and attended elementary school in Cali, Colombia. I remember we had a class called "Urbanity and Civism", as the "Religion" class. I remember very well in that class we were taught to respect and treat others kindly – especially the elderly people – and to share and speak well with no vulgarity. We were taught to respect the property of others, and to protect the environment. In this class we were taught to be men and women of good. I can tell that the vast majority of people I know of my generation are well educated and willing to serve. This "Urbanity and Civism" class was even taught in high school, and despite our young age it was not common to see someone disrespecting an adult.

Today, that “Urbanity and Civism” class does not exist in the academic curriculum of any school. And, as we all know, the sad thing is that Religion class is prohibited everywhere. This has made first and foremost human beings that have no Fear of God; and having hearts empty of the Love of God, one cannot expect that the current generation would know how to behave, how to be kind, and how to be good for the society.

Before, older people were a reference to follow. An older person represented wisdom and patience. Now the current generation thinks that older people are a nuisance and must be left in nursing homes as soon as possible. Before, if an adult scolded a child the child bent her head and obeyed. If at school the teacher called the parents of a student because the boy had done any mischief, parents thanked teachers and accepted the punishment imposed on their children. Today it is the opposite. The children call the parents because the teacher corrects them, and parents instead of educating their children and thanking the teacher’s correction, go against the teacher, "protect their children," and are able to make the teacher be removed from his or her job, claiming abuse and intolerance.

How difficult it is to educate our children today. In a world that is bolted into the abyss, the role of parents is becoming more and more important and complicated. For us parents, guarding the innocence of our children is almost an impossible mission. Television, radio, magazines, movies, the internet, etc., all they have are messages that for the eyes and ears of our children have no meaning, but by the grace of God, we as parents can catch and help to avoid the pollution of the soul of our smallest.

This is why it is much more necessary for parents and children to remain united in constant prayer. For us parents it is very important to be in harmony with the Church, and to be alert always and at all time because our children are exposed to all kinds of situations that could easily steal their innocence. If they do not have a well-founded faith, kids can be swallowed by this society that only wants for us the pleasure, power, and possession. The new government laws, especially the law of gender ideology, is one of the largest and most dangerous monsters we are facing. For us, here at home, it was very sad to have to explain to our children at an early age the fact that there are people with different inclinations and preferences. But we thank God for that conversation because our kids already notice on the streets people that they, our children, cannot tell whether they are men or women because they seem the opposite as they are supposed to be. One cannot lock up children in a bubble, but there are issues that must be talked about with children at the right time. Yet who knows the right time to talk with the children of the issues facing our world? Nobody knows. Only God in His infinite Mercy will boost our hearts with the necessary and appropriate words to continue guiding our children, to save their innocence, and cultivate a healthy and strong soul for the future they will be facing.

We must remain always united in prayer for one another, including in our prayers all families in the world. May God our Good Father give us health and wisdom to guide our children, and keep us in holiness being a model of life for others. May the Blessed Virgin Mary protect us and guide us always.

GlennFFAGlenn Fong is from Cali, Colombia but is currently living in Florida. He has been married to Sandra since 2001 and counting...(yes, it is possible! Marriage is supposed to be forever!), and they have been blessed with two children. Glenn studied Systems Engineering at San Buenaventura University in Cali, Colombia and now works for a multinational company as an Analyst-Developer. He is not a writer, but his passion for Christ and His Church propel him to write about many different topics. Glenn is author and editor of the Blog "It´s for Real".Glenn is author and editor of the Blog "It's for Real".

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