Friday, 02 February 2018 06:00

“Elevate Social Media”

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Fr. Mike Schmitz talks about the temptations, the negative side effects of social media. He also asks hard questions that cause many to think, “Why am I posting this?”, “What am I running away/hiding from?” Fr Mike then challenges teens to use technology and mass media to make Catholic impacts online. Would you be ready to lose friends, change your lifestyle, and receive hate mail when you post Catholic content online? The internet is a great tool and aid, but we have to use it, and not let ourselves be used by it.

He shares 3 applications that might be useful for all of us who are hooked or need help regulating the use of our gadgets.

1.    Stay Focused: For users to block or allow entire websites, specific subdomains, pages, and even in-page content (images, videos, games, etc.). Users can also put a limit on how much time they want to spend on each website. It also gives a reminder at the 5 minute mark before the time allocated expires, and encourages us to get back to life.

2.    Freedom: Similar to ‘Stay Focused’ – the difference is that it does so across all devices: phones, laptops, and tablets. Users have the option of setting the time period to be free from applications and websites across all gadgets.

3.    Covenant Eyes: Monitors websites visited on browsers (Google Chrome, Internet browser, Silk Browser on Kindle devices). The app also captures the time and date when the URLs were accessed. The app also filters web content through the supported browsers and blocks certain apps based on the selected Filter Sensitivity Level. The app also allows us to lock down apps.


Stephanie Chia is from Singapore. She received a Bachelors' degree in Sociology and has worked as a research assistant refining pedagogy for teacher education. 

She met the Home of the Mother during the first retreat in Singapore conducted by the Servant Sisters in December 2015. 

Stephanie loves mountains and nature. She loves baking and chocolate! But is still trying to be fond of olives. In her spare time, she writes for the Home of the Mother about whatever inspires her and hopes that it would inspire you too.