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The Father's role

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A Grandmother´s letter - part 2
Both parents together can help GUIDE their children and help LEAD them in the right direction.  I want to add something very important that every family must know (and about which studies have been done) on the subject of mother and father roles.  

The fathers have an essential spiritual role.  One study I read, and fully agree with, was in regards to the “generational transmission of faith and religious values.”  It says, “What happens if the father is regular, (and they are referring to attending Mass on Sundays), but the mother is irregular or non-practicing?  Extraordinarily, the percentage of children becoming regular goes up from 33 percent to 38 percent with the irregular mother and 44 percent with the non-practicing, as if loyalty to father’s commitment grows in proportion to mother’s laxity or indifference to religion.” It continues:

“In short, if a father does not go to church no matter how faithful his wife’s devotions, only one child in fifty will become a regular worshipper.  If a father does go regularly, regardless of the practice of the mother, between two thirds and three quarters of their children will become churchgoers.”

So the father’s role is crucial to the child’s growth.  Today many men regard parenting to be only the mother’s duty.  Fathers today may express their role as ‘providing financially’ for their family, but they forget the true challenge to be Christ-like, with a biblical view of the world, and faith in Jesus.

Mothers of course have just as important a role in what only a mother can do.  Mothers are the heart of the family: caregivers, teachers, nurses, and counselors.  Children who see the tenderness of their mother gathering them for prayer after the father initiates it, and see her  participating in it,  learn the obedience and respect she has toward her husband.  

I’ve seen several families in my lifetime in which the fathers have been a major role in their spiritual life, as well as being involved with moral issues.  They initiate every day prayer, especially the Rosary, going to daily Mass, Bible reading, and even having conversations about spiritual matters. The result is always positive.

So, as we can see, great thinking and change needs to be made in families to lead this way of life.  Unfortunately, most mothers are forced to become the leaders because their husbands do not have this true desire. The burden on the mother is greater, but God will reward those mothers who have tried against the odds in raising Godly children. 

I find this fascinating that the children look up to the fathers’ role so much in a lot of ways. The children really see the humility when they see their own fathers kneel to pray, and when they talk about God. Children will be happier and content, and they have a way about them that is calming, confident, and secure.

LucyMaesMy name is Lucy Maes.  I am a wife, a mother and now a grandmother of five lovely children, all consecrated to Mary our Mother. 

My husband and I have five grown children, two consecrated to God and three married.  We live south of Atlanta, GA.  I am a homemaker, a daily Mass attendant, involved with apostolic work with a form of evangelization enthroning homes to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 

I am busy with a couple of jobs in regards to my husband's business, I weekly take care of grandchildren, I am a catechism teacher at our parish, a prayer warrior before an abortion mill once a week, and some healthy projects I am trying to fulfill including a summer garden in which I have the privilege to enjoy God's creation.

All in Jesus' name, I give thanks.