Cheryl Hernandez

Cheryl HernandezCheryl Hernández and her husband of more than 30 years, Kevin, live in Florida. They have nine children, including a daughter who is a Servant Sister. They are lay members of the Home of the Mother.

The first time I ever went on a silent retreat, I shared a room with another woman, whom I had never met.

As soon as the alarm went off the first morning, groaning and reaching for the snooze button, I looked over across the room at my roommate. Groggy as I was, what I saw had quite an impression on me. Immediately when the alarm went off, she rose from her bed, knelt, kissed the floor, and said a prayer. Then she set about quietly getting ready. She did the same the next morning.

Friday, 24 November 2017 06:00

The Necessity of Beauty in the Home

Why is beauty important? Beauty has traditionally been counted as one of the ultimate values, along with goodness, truth, and justice. Beauty awakens us, brings us joy, and provides us with a sense of awe. Beauty reminds us of God’s presence in the world.

Friday, 27 October 2017 11:46

The Gift of a Child with Down Syndrome

Each of our children is precious, and each is an extraordinary gift from God, but there is something very humbling about having a child like our Helen - something that can only be described as a gift. Since October is Down Syndrome Awareness month, and since our daughter will be turning 13 on November 1, All Saints Day, I would like to share a little about this young lady with whom God has allowed us to share our life.

Helping your young children to gain self-control by teaching them to sit still is something that can be easily practiced at home on a daily basis. Expecting your child to sit through a Sunday Mass or wait an hour at the dentist office is unreasonable if not taught and practiced at home. So where do we begin to teach this important skill?

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