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Fr. Colum Power, born in Cork, Ireland, in 1965, is a Servant Priest of the Home of the Mother. He obtained a Master's degree in literature in 1991 and a doctorate in the History of the Church in 2013. He is author of A Touch of the Gardener's Hand, Honey from the Lion's Carcass, and James Joyce's Catholic Categories. He devotes his time to apostolic activities for the youth organized by the Servant Brothers of the Home of the Mother.

Fr. Colum Power is author and editor of the Blog "Random Reflections", which can be found on the website

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Eucharistic Spirituality II: The Eight Great Jesuit Martyrs.

St. Ignatius of Loyola was so overwhelmed by Christ’s love that he desired “to be considered a fool and a madman for love of Him who first was considered as such for love of me.”  Like their founder, the Jesuit Martyrs of North American and Canada were fools and madmen for Christ. This article is a continuation of a previous one called “Eucharistic Spirituality.” Here, and in our next article after this one, we will recall, and honor, the Eucharistic lives and deaths of these eight men.

Eucharistic Spirituality

A wise priest I know teaches that, when we do not understand a passage of the Word of God, we should suspend judgment, and pray, and wait: “Lord, I do not understand this passage of Your Revelation.

Dolphinism or Divinity

Friedrich Nietzsche refused to weep at the lashes suffered by Christ. On January 3, 1889 he broke down in tears at the lashes suffered by a horse at the Piazza Carlo Alberto in Turin. The tears he spilled for that horse signaled the beginning of his decline into madness. In defiance of Christ’s words, "Blessed are those who weep," Nietzsche’s philosophy could be summarized by the words, "Blessed are those who laugh." The man who refused to weep at the lashes of Christ wept at the lashes of a horse, and he went insane.

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