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When the web project familiesfullyalive started, the first step was for the artist sisters to design a logo.   We will now describe the design.

The logo for Families Fully Alive consists of three elements:


  •      FAMILY,
  •      a SANCTUARY and

In the first place is the FAMILY. According to St. John Paul II: “The family is the essential human cell where Faith and love are born and cultivated without end.  The Domestic Church is the consecrated place to Dialogue with God the Father, the school to follow Christ according to the Gospel.”  Those are the families that God and his Church desire, and the ones we are called to form and evangelize through the work of the web apostolate.  Therefore, the family is the central aim of familiesfullyalive and the center of the logo. 

There are two other elements that surround the family by diverse motifs: the SANCTUARY and the FIRE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

The SANCTUARY wants to reflect the Temple of the Holy Spirit in each one of us, and the Domestic Church constitutes the entire family.  It also symbolizes the Universal Church, which we want to serve through the transmission of the Truth of the Gospel in our web.  Finally, it also represents the International Association of the Faithful “Home of the Mother”, which prompted by the Holy Spirit, was moved to start this work of evangelization, familiesfullyalive. 

The FIRE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT is an integral part of the logo, since without the Fire of Charity and the Fortitude of the Holy Spirit, the family, and as it is with all apostolate, would be weakened.  Familiesfullyalive is born from the promptings of the Holy Spirit in the Church and it is, therefore, the Holy Spirit who brings to life and sustains the apostolate to which we are called to do through the evangelization work in the means of communication.

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