Lay Members of the Home of the Mother

The center for the spirituality of the Lay Members of the Home of the Mother (L.H.M.) is Jesus himself.  The Home of the Mother is a family of Eucharistic adorers. Jesus in the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist is transformed into an experience of love and action.

To reach Jesus Christ, they go on the shortest path: Mary.  With her “Fiat” she becomes a living example, accepting God’s designs for the salvation of the world. Contemplating Her, the mission of service to God in the Church of the L.H.M. is confirmed.

The spirituality of the Home of the Mother is Carmelite, or, seeking union with God through the way of “nothings” marked by St. John of the Cross and fidelity to God, inspired by the prophet Elijah.

The Home of the Mother is a path to holiness, a way to be the Church. It is a call, a specific vocation: be the Home of the Mother in the Church.  The Holy Spirit, author of all the works in his Church, is at the same time the prompter and the motor.  He gives them life and breathe to direct them to glorify the Trinity.

The L.H.M. are conscious of the fact that they are the Church and that they serve the Church. They love the Church because it is a work of God, and that is why they participate in the Liturgy, meditate on Sacred Scripture, study the Tradition and the teachings of the Church, accept its moral norms, collaborate with the its shepherds and share its concern for the problems and the progress of the whole human race. This union with the Church impulses them to real commitment to collaborate in the work of establishing the Kingdom of God

The main motivating principles for the L.H.M. must be contemplated in light of the Mystery of Christ, his Gospel, the faith and teaching of the Church, and the supreme law of love.

They want to bring to daily life situations the written law of the Holy Spirit in their hearts, by virtue of their Baptism.  The law of love impels them to be open to all men, to make known the riches of their faith and to work for authentic human progress, peace, justice, charity, freedom and the dignity of man.

The Saints proposed by the Church are for them faithful friends and examples of life.  They personally entrust themselves and their community to them, especially to the Protectors and Patrons of the Home.  They recognize the necessity of personal prayer and spiritual direction as indispensable tools to seek and find God in all things.

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